About Double Twin Farm

Double Twin Farm is a family owned and operated cattle ranch located in the beautiful rolling hills of Central East Texas. We raise all natural - Black Angus - feeder steers and replacement heifers in an animal focused, pasture based system using strict animal welfare standards with a pledge to never-ever use antibiotics or growth hormones. The ranch holds several certifications from IMI Global (Where Food Comes From) for Source and Age Verification (SAV), Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC), Verified Natural Beef (VNB) and has earned level 4 rating (GAP 4) for Humane Animal Welfare from the Global Animal Partnership.

The Cattle

The Angus based cow herd is naturally bred to high quality registered Angus bulls sourced primarily from 44 Farms. The goal of our breeding program is to produce the finest - all natural - Angus beef possible that hopefully grade prime, without sacrificing yield grade. We accomplish this through best management practices and the careful DNA selection of our seed stock by selecting animals with high EPD’s for marbling and ribeye area. The Double Twin bull battery boasts an impressive average MRB EPD of 1.10 and a REA EPD of 1.04. Our sire group includes some fantastic lines of genetics such as War Party, Upshot and Rito. The cow herd consists of Angus, Angus Plus and F-1 Brangus cows. We have incorporated just enough Brahman influence to boost their heat tolerance, improve calving ease, enhance the milking ability and add general heartiness to the heard, without sacrificing carcass quality. The end result is a feeder calf and replacement heifer that should perform and grade at the highest level.

Best Practices

We follow sound animal health and welfare protocols such as early castration, two rounds of vaccinations, fence line weaning and focused pre-conditioning of the calves. The cattle enjoy a low stress environment aided by best-in- class livestock handling facilities which were designed by Mr. Mark Deesing who co-authored Humane Livestock Handling with Dr. Temple Grandin.

The Land

Our land is comprised of rolling hills of meadows and trees that are ideally suited for raising cattle in a humane and sustainable way. The soil is a rich sandy loam that drains well with a mix of sustainable grasses such as common Bermuda, Pensacola Bahia grass, Coastal Bermuda grass, rye grass and natural clover. The property is rotationally grazed with each pasture having fresh water and trees, along with elevation changes, providing protection from the elements.


Double Twin Farm is owned by the husband and wife team of Randy and Jackie Holcombe (Holcombe Land & Cattle, LLC).  Randy is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with a B.S. in Agriculture, 1986.  Randy is also the Director of Restaurant Leasing for General Growth Properties, Inc.  As one of the restaurant curators for GGP, Randy has a front row view into the growing demand for high quality, locally sourced, all natural Angus beef.  While the Double Twin does not sell directly to restaurants so as to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, the feeder steers are sold to branded beef programs and feeder buyers who follow the same all natural protocols.  Jackie is not only the mother of two sets of twins focused on feeding her own children "good for you" food, she is a passionate animal lover who supports many animal welfare initiatives.